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Blu Sleep Vitality Pillow

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Our Vitality is infused with moisturizing soy to promote good sleep and is now available in a special form for side sleepers. The plush feel of the Vitality Pillow also supports your head / neck and reduces pressure points, while the cozy and cool cover keeps the temperature low. The air channels distribute the air throughout the pillow, ensuring a pleasant and airy sleep. Our new wrap-around shape is perfect for side sleepers.

Comfortable and supportive memory foam that reacts quickly.

All-natural aloe vera infusion to calm the skin and provide antibacterial benefits.

Air channels to help diffuse the air to increase the feeling of freshness.

The cozy and cool cover feels cool to the touch and pleasant.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions 16.5 "L x 28" W x 5.75 "H